Saturday, October 4, 2008

Horse Whiskers

May I start off with a personal chip on the shoulder. Why do we shave off horse whiskers?? These whiskers serve a very important purpose for the horse. Horses can't see the area in front of their nose. Those whiskers help them sort through their feed and act as their feelers when interacting with their environment and other horses. So please do them a favor and leave them on. I can only compare the removal of a horse's whiskers with cutting off the feeling in your fingers.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great blog... Keep up the great work!!!
Lifestyler in NZ

The Ballengers said...

OH,I REALLY like this one! The way it's setup and such...and if you're really going to make it an ongoing essay about keeping horses naturally...I will have Emelie read your posts daily! She'll love it. We're hoping we can get her a horse or pony for her b-day (Dec 22) a surprise. I liked your idea of putting an ad into the paper for an older horse. MIght do that! Love you - Aunt Rachel